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IVR payment Solution

Mobile phone penetration exceeds 64%, and more & more of us are managing our lives on the go. We make appointments, confirm reservations, pay our bills & more from outside of our homes. We all want to get the mundane things done as soon as possible so that we can enjoy the things that matter most. We all want to spend more time with our family & friends, catching up on the books we want to read & the movies that we haven’t had time to watch.

This undeniable convenience trend has been fueled by the latest technological innovations that make all of our lives easier & faster every day. No one wants to sacrifice security to gain speed & convenience. Demand for professional solutions that combine security, convenience & speed has increased.

PayIT, IVR Phone Payment Solutions

We will help you deliver the fast, convenient & secure customer experience your clients are looking for, with a unique pay by phone product called, PayIT.

PayIT, allows your customer to pay with a smart phone, via text or phone. It is a customizable payment solution that a gives your customers something they have never had before – convenience when it comes to paying their bills. With our pay by phone product, your customers can make an over the phone payment at any time – at the grocery store, on their lunch break, from the elliptical.

The secure phone payment process is simple

  • Customers call one phone number
  • Customers receive their account information & enter their payment information
  • A transaction ID number is provided to the customer for future reference
  • You are given reporting that shows you when & how payments were made

Perhaps most importantly, PayIT is a PCI compliant payment solution. This means that any personal or payment information that is transferred to your company through PayIT will remain completely safe.

PayIT, is a secure payment solution

  • Facilitates your billing process
  • Accepts immediate payments over the phone
  • Payments can be made 24/7 — even at night, on the weekends and when your business is closed.

Everything is Going Mobile – Including Our Wallets

digital-walletAs this trend continues to grow, it will become more and more important to provide secure payment solutions that have all the bells and whistles.Make your customers’ lives simpler by allowing them to pay their bills when & how they want. If your customers aren’t currently paying by phone, give our team of experts a call. We’ll discuss how our pay by phone solution can be customized to meet your exact needs & help your customers make secure payments conveniently.

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Are you ready to provide a better payment avenue for 85% of your customers?

Start with a call from us and learn how to provide a variety of payment options.

Remember, not all consumers want to install phone apps to use their “digital-wallet” as a payment option, in fact, over half of the consumer markets still prefer a quick phone call to pay their bills.

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More and more leads are coming from mobile.

Provide your customers a way to pay with mobile.

Consumers increasingly use their mobile phone to search for local places.


Smart Phone Penetration


Search is Mobile


Mobile Search is Local

1: Source: BIA/Kelsey’s U.S. Local Media Forecast (2012-2017)

Your Customers Are Looking for New Ways to Pay Their Bills.

patientMessegeIf you’re not convinced of this “new ways to pay” trend, consider the number of peer-to-peer digital payment solutions that have popped up recently. Paypal, Gocardless, Transferwise, Venmo, Square, Coin, Google Wallet, Clinkle, TabbedOut…the list goes on. New and non-traditional payment methods are popping up left and right. The majority of consumers can even use the digital wallets on their smart phones to pay with the phone. All of these options are superb – for peer-to-peer transactions. Enterprises, on the other hand, need to provide solutions that are professional, automated & customizable as well as fast & secure.

Businesses With the Latest Payment Options KEEP Their Customers and WIN New Customers!

Deliver a superior customer experience & keep customer satisfaction levels at an all time high by giving your customers a simple, new & safe way to pay bills.

Our system eliminates the need for you to dedicate live agents to making & taking payment-related phone calls. The entire payment process is automated so your customers can complete their phone purchase quickly & independently.

Send Reminders & Collect Payments Without Missing a Beat.

Bills get stuck in piles, fall between the seats of the car & get coffee stained after sitting on desks for two weeks. It is not uncommon for bills to be paid late or forgotten about entirely in the shuffle of life. When you use PayIT as your pay by phone payment solution, you’re able to distribute reminder notifications that alert your customers of a coming due or past due payment. Payment notifications are distributed according to individual preference – phone call, text message or e-mail. Once the reminder message is received, your customers can click to call into our pay by phone app & make the payment – all without switching gears.

Common Use Cases for Pay By Phone

Inbound Collections

  • PayIT can be activated on any phone number so branding & recognition are preserved
  • Your customers can call your payment phone number directly, at any time, from anywhere
  • Customers complete a quick & secure identity verification process before receiving any account information
  • Balances can be paid with credit cards or electronic check,payments are made in real time
  • Payment confirmations supplied over the phone
  • Customers can transfer to a live agent at any time

Outbound Payment Reminders:

  • Distribute personalized collection calls or payment reminders according to a customer’s individual account
  • Enable your customer to make an immediate payment
  • Balances can be paid with credit cards or electronic check, payments are made in real time
  • Payment confirmation is supplied over the phone
  • Customers can transfer to a live agent at any time

Online or Mobile App Payments:

  • Customers enter a telephone number from any company website
  • PayIT immediate calls your customer
  • A custom recording gives account & balance info & transaction details
  • Balance info updates immediately & the customer can print a receipt for verification

Industries we design for:

  • Automotive: remind & collect auto loan payments, monthly & hourly parking fees
  • Utility & Energy: remind & collect monthly payments for electricity, heat, water & more
  • Banking: remind and collect consumer loan & credit card payments
  • Financial: remind & collect mortgage & loan payments & investment accounts
  • Insurance: remind & collect premiums or policy renewal payments
  • Retailer Services: easily remind & collect recurrent payments, reservation fees or perform credit card validations
  • Agencies & marketers: offer your customers a convenient, fast & secure way to pay their bills
  • Contact Center: free up live agents by collect using a pay by phone solution to collect payments from incoming callers

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