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Intelligent IVR Payment Processing

Allow your customers to make secure payments by phone or text

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Secure PCI Compliant Payments

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IVR Payment Processing solutions deliver the fast, convenient & secure customer experience your clients are looking for … PayIT.

Offer Customers a Way to Pay Bills by Phone

The majority of consumers can now use the digital wallets on their smart phones to pay with their phones. While this is great for peer-to-peer transactions, Enterprise businesses need to provide more robust solutions that are professional, automated & customizable as well as fast, secure and integrated (Current Payment Processor Integration).

Provide a Great Customer Experience

Deliver a superior customer experience & keep customer satisfaction levels at an all time high by giving your customers a simple, new & safe way to pay their bills. Our entire payment system process is automated so your customers can complete it quickly, independently & 24/7/365.

Complete Payment-Collection Cycle

When you use PayIT as your pay by phone payment solution, you’re able to distribute reminder notifications that alert your customers of a coming due or past due payment. Payment notifications are distributed according to individual preference – phone call, text message or e-mail. Once the reminder message is received, your customers can click to call into our pay by phone app & make the payment – all without switching gears.

Inbound Payment Collection Features

  • Existing number activation
  • Inbound calling from anywhere of the country
  • Secure identity verification begins the payment process
  • Collected payment transactions are made in real-time
  • Payment confirmation is supplied over the phone

Outbound Payment Reminders Features

  • Customize your out-reach reminder call
  • Enable your customer to make an immediate payment
  • Balances can be paid with credit cards or electronic check, payments are made in real time
  • Payment confirmation is supplied over the phone

IVR Technology Group’s Pay by Phone Achieves PCI Level 1 Compliance – Highest Compliance Level for Service Providers

More on PCI Level 1 Compliance

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Remember, not all consumers want to install phone apps to use their “digital-wallet” as a payment option, in fact, over half of the consumer markets still prefer a quick phone call to pay their bills.

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Improve your UX, increase revenue and have the utmost security with one product. Our PCI-compliant payment gateway, processes credit cards safely while reducing the risk of credit card fraud.

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Current Payment Processor Integrations

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